Monday, June 8, 2009

pitch party

Icarus was my submission to the pitch party this year - even though it didn't make the cut I'm still thinking I might do more with it once I change some stuff around. (This is the original one that I did. I like it better.)

The other two rough guys were ideas that petered out because I ran out of time. ET VOILA!!

cute baby animals

The beluga had a baby yesterday! (I have just started working at the aquarium) And man, is it ever a cute little thing.

We got to watch it after work - every time it came up for air it would bob its little head up. I drew a re-enactment.

I think soon they're going to have a naming contest. I think it should be named "Junior". (It is a female) What do you think a good name would be for a lady beluga?